Brand new same old job

The week before last I had my first job interview in 6 years (actually 6 years and one day, to be precise), and I’m delighted that 15 minutes after I left the interview room, I was offered the job.

I wasn’t expecting to get a new job this year, I’m perfectly happy where I am. I love my job. I enjoy the challenge of continually changing focus to work on different people’s projects, and of driving multiple lines of research all at once. However, this was an opportunity I simply couldn’t ignore. Because it is the same job, only better. Heck, I don’t even have to move desks (if I don’t want to).

See, this all came about because my esteemed colleague, and the founding head of the Newcastle Bioinformatics Support Unit, Daniel Swan, has decided to move to pastures new, at Oxford Gene Technology. This means there was an opening to do pretty much what I already do, but while running the show too.

I’m very excited to have this opportunity. Dan will be sorely missed – I have very big boots to fill – but I’ll be working very hard to make sure the unit goes from strength to strength. Also, since I have effectively vacated my old job, we will be recruiting very shortly to fill that gap too. So watch this space if you’re interested in working in Bioinformatics support in the North East.


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