While I was away…

View of WhitbyI’ve just returned from a week away in North Yorkshire, and scanning through my RSS backlog and FriendFeed from while I was away, I notice a few interesting developments.

  1. Zotero made a firm announcement of a standalone version of their excellent open-source reference management tool. I’ve been keen on Zotero for a while, but have moved away from FireFox as my browser lately (at present, Zotero is only available as a FireFox plugin). I’m looking forward to using it in earnest again, and trying to integrate it more fully into my workflow (which has been the main problem with other reference managers I’ve tried). No release date yet that I’ve found (sadly).
  2. Nodalpoint, the bioinformatics blog of old, has been reincarnated as a podcast. I love podcasts, and listen to a whole bunch of them (to the point where I don’t have much of a chance to listen to music on my commute any more), but there’s not many around that are relevant to what I do with most of my time (apart from the excellent c2cbio podcast of course). I’m really looking forward to listening to episode one, and hope more follow in due course.
  3. The people behind the ‘Science is Vital‘ lobby group, as well as organising a public rally, and a lobby of Parliament, have set up a petition, I urge everyone (in the UK) to go and sign it. If we don’t try to protect science in some degree in the forthcoming round of spending cuts, no one else will.

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