People love a word cloud

I haven’t seen one yet, so I took a few minutes to generate a Wordle from the #solo10 tweets over the last few days:

Wordle of #solo10 tweets

Tweets were pulled using the search API, and I dumped the text to a file. Then I filtered out all the hashtags and usernames (along with all instances of “RT”), because otherwise they obfuscate the interesting stuff.

This is a reasonably simple representation of the word cloud, if anyone would like to funky it up a bit, the corpus of text can be downloaded.

My impressions of it? There’s a lot of positive words in there, and many of the obvious memes of the conference are represented (although, surprisingly, I don’t see any representation for kittens). Also, as always with these things, it can get a little meta, with ‘Twitter’, ‘Tweet’, ‘hashtag’ and so on all featuring prominently (though another surprise is no ‘wifi’, which almost always makes an appearance in conference word clouds).

The two URLs that are represented are, perhaps unsurprisingly, for the conference program, and the live stream.

I will post more complete impressions from the conference when I have the time to write it up.

EDIT – Ed Yong pointed out on the Flickr page of the image that kittens are there, sandwiched between like and twitter, on the left of the picture.

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