Google Acquires AppJet – are there any live, functional alternatives to Etherpad?

We are happy to announce that AppJet Inc. has been acquired by Google. The EtherPad team will continue its work on realtime collaboration by joining the Google Wave team.


The EtherPad site will stay online through March 2010 with some restrictions.


No new free public pads may be created. Your pads will no longer be accessible after March 31, 2010, at which time your pads and any associated personally identifiable information will be deleted.


Etherpad was a nice little tool, very effective at what it offered, I’m sure the guys who developed it will bring a lot to the Wave party. But seriously, Wave is nowhere near functional yet, it’s confusing, and glacially slow. So is there a decent alternative to Etherpad that is usable – right now?

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