A test post

I’ve been writing my blog for about 15 months now. In that time I’ve created a grand total of 33 posts. It’s mostly original content, and I don’t have much time for creating original content. I’ve been trying to think about ways of increasing my posting frequency, and there’s basically 2 things I can do – 1) find more time to generate content, or 2) post stuff that takes less time to generate.

Option 1 is basically an impossibility, given our current understanding of the laws of physics. That leaves option 2.

So I’m going to try cross-posting the content of my Posterous blog to my main site. I generate more posts at Posterous, mainly because it is recycled content, and the barrier to creating posts is so low, I just send an email, or use the bookmarklet that grabs content right from webpages.

Step 1 – stop auto-posting Posterous content to Friendfeed. I’ll let my blog propagate there, and not double-post.

Step 2 – enable XMLRPC posting on my WordPress site.

Step 3 – Turn on WordPress cross-posting on Posterous.

Step 4 – Write this post, and see if it propagates properly.

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