Testing feed-buster

I have been looking for a way to get the images in my blog posts included in my FriendFeed, because I think it makes it more interesting and eye-catching. Recently I found a tool called Feed-Buster, which exists purely to make RSS imports into FF more interesting. By replacing the URL of your feed with a feed-buster URL (http://feed-buster.appspot.com/mediaInjection?inputFeedUrl=FEED_URL), the images in your feed should be injected into the FriendFeed post. This post exists purely as a test of feed-buster, so I’d better include an image:

Sunderland Air Show

Sunderland Air Show

If feed-buster works as advertised, then that picture should be included in my FF stream. (Hey presto – though I had to use the Atom version of my feed to get it to work, RSS2 never updated in Feed-Buster).

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