Barack Obama, some rights reserved

I woke up on Wednesday morning this week to find the world a changed place. Or at least a potentially changed one. This time just over 50% of Americans made the right choice, as opposed to just under. There is no way to know whether the world with Barack Obama as its most powerful man is going to be a better place yet, but one thing is certain… it won’t get any worse, and it will be better off than if the alternative came true.

There are encouraging signs as to the quality of the man (and his advice no doubt). A bunch of photos have been posted on Flickr, candid shots of Obama taken on election night. They have been posted under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license. This might seem like a small thing, but it shows he is obviously switched on to the way the modern world (read: the internet…) works, and that he knows laws from old media may not apply to new media. It demonstrates an enlightened outlook that will surely stand him in good stead as a 21st century President. [from here]

And no, I don’t care what type of dog the Obama’s get.

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